Happiness is not what someone makes you nor can it ever be. It’s a decision that you choose to make irrespective of your circumstances. The outward show may be affected by external circumstances but the wisdom to be happy is a decision that you determine inwardly with strong resolve. There are no highs or lows in happiness they, highs and lows, are simply impressions that can influence temporarily one’s mood. However the abiding undercurrent of happiness is constant and all you and I have to do is choose to be consistent. And that choice is a daily one. So don’t worry if you have to remind yourself constantly to be happy that’s the point consistency not obsession.

Thankfully you and I do not have to calculate the things that we believe make us happy gratitude is distinct from justification. Therefore in the midst of life’s inevitable storms you and I can make and be the difference. Remember all storms pass along with their experiences. They are never constant unless you allow them to be because of indifference and intellectual inactivity.

The best way to develop the happiness perspective is not by acquiring and amassing material goods but by making active meditative choices in every given situation. So just be consistent in 2015 and leave the results alone. As stated earlier, happiness is not driven by external factors but by the meaningfulness that you experience daily in your own life.



Art of Humanity

Paul Anthony Morris