The Artists' Block....

To far distant places my soul has been flung

Like dismembered body parts still aware of their former wholeness.

My mind is like a wave pulverised by the turbulence of its own current a current that was once serene and athletic at the same time.

Self depreciation is an unrelenting horde whose presence is identified by the vast emptiness it leaves behind and the insanity it conjures.

Nothing is certain in this state except visions of more misery of further desolation.

Past achievements offer no respite for wounded warriors for their vigour has been drained like the marrow that has been sucked.

Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into a solitary nightmare where there is never any light.

I feel engulfed


And Besieged

Is there no end to this affliction?

In the stale dank emptiness all seems irrevocably lost to the disintegrating vapours of memory.

So how do we overcome the dreaded writer’s block? As there are writers so are there a multitude of approaches for trying to resolve the block. However some of the strategies that I have employed in the past haven’t always been productive and the randomness of their effect or in-effect has only added to my bewilderment. In fact some colleagues complain that not all blocks are the same and that some blocks seem particularly spiteful and overwhelming. So if there is no universal remedy are there instead some approaches, no matter how random, that we can share and further experiment with to temper our anxieties?

The first approach is to avoid becoming obsessed by trying to force a positive outcome. Other writers have suggested working on another aspect of your work or giving your manuscript to a sympathetic friend in hope that their feedback might trigger your inspiration. With bullishly determination some colleagues opt to confront their block believing that somehow they can intimidate it into submission by constantly rounding on themselves. Many suggest taking a break and doing something completely unrelated to your work like  meditation, cooking, playing with your children, going for a walk, taking a nap, having a massage, doing some painting, working out your frustration on a punch bag,  listening to music, getting stoned, being drunk or becoming moody and insufferable.

However I have found, along with other writers that the most successful approach for overcoming my/your block is to simply trust yourself. To trust that your talent and resourcefulness are crucial factors that will determine the sudden return of your flow.

The high and lows of the writing process are all part of the experience that writers will encounter to varying lengths and degrees but it’s your self-belief that will enable you to ride out the storm. So once again I say trust yourself it’s what we naturally do to write and it’s how we will establish our longevity. Besides we can either endure this aberration burdened with frustration, anxiety and anger or decide to free ourselves from these negative antitypes by trusting unswervingly in the inevitable. At least that way the angst associated with this encumbrance will be less painful......for everyone.