Crying in the Wilderness Productions (CITWP) is dedicated to producing groundbreaking productions which are anchored to an intercultural philosophical practice.

Our goal is to form a diverse conglomeration of partnerships, a critical mass, which will inspire greater connectivity between the company and its audience.


Applying our philosophy the Art of Humanity, we direct, produce and write plays, devise and deliver creative learning programmes, deliver teacher development and write children's storybooks. 


Crying in the Wilderness Productions Ltd (CITWP) was incorporated in 2006.

In 2007 the company produced its first production ‘35 Cents’ at the Blue Elephant Theatre.

In 2008 CITWP collaborated with the CIA Theatre Company to produce the play ‘Choices’ and with Amaranth Theatre Company to produce ‘Hopes in their Eyes.’

In 2009 CITWP produced the ‘The Meeting’ at the Warehouse Theatre and in 2010 they collaborated with the Fostering Network on the production ‘Click!’ at the Stratford Circus Theatre.

In 2011 CITWP produced the 'Invisible Man' for the Decibel Performing Arts Showcase at the Royal National College of Music in Manchester.

In 2012 and 2013 the Arts Council England funded two Research & Development projects: 'Invisible Man' and 'Conundrum' at the Bush Theatre.

In 2014 the Arts Council funded our third and final play 'Sarai' . The Research & Development took place at the Arcola Theatre. 'Sarai' the completion of our trilogy of plays  will be going into production in 2015.