The mission of our company is to create an intercultural theatrical practise that inspires a greater appreciation of the work of diverse artists; and to also increase the potential for greater access in the arts to marginalised groups and communities through partnerships, collaborations, training and employment.

THE ART OF HUMANITY is influenced by multiple ideologies, cultures and practises. At the core of our philosophy is the inclination towards contemplation one which focuses on the evolution of our human experience(s). The ART OF HUMANITY has critically inspired the following programmes and disciplines:

THEATRE OF THE SOUL is a theatrical language that gives physical expression to the pathologies which compromise the quality of our relationships. The goal is to bring to the fore, for wider deliberation, those subconscious states that heighten individual and social disorganisation. By giving form and intensity to a myriad of psychological states we aim to create challenging and enthralling theatrical experiences for our artists and our audiences.

EMPOWERING YOUNG VOICES  is a creative learning programme which enables young people to address their concerns in a dynamic way due to the mental space, for reflective attentiveness, that we specifically create for their overall expression.

THE EYV BOOK COLLECTION is a series of children’s stories that have been meticulously developed to help children and adults face the difficult and often taboo subject matters of bereavement, rivalry and separation.