CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS PRODUCTIONS                                   RICH MIX THEATRE · 10 SEPTEMBER 2017 · 7.30pm

Certain Blacks is an arts development organisation formed to support the growth of diverse artists. The Harlem Renaissance describes a period in 1920’s Harlem when Black theatre, literature, music and arts found its own unique voice within American culture. Certain Blacks will present original theatre and performance as part of this year’s festival.

‘Looks beyond the usual definitions of diverse artistic practice....and diverse creativity which is not directed or told but given freedom to express itself.’

Clive Lyttle, Artistic Director Certain Blacks Art Ensemble Festival

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Based on the Novel by Ralph Ellison                                       Adapted and Directed by Paul Anthony Morris 

One man’s final attempt to legitimise his humanity through metaphysical fantasy, subterfuge and art. 


INVISIBLE MAN investigates the plight of individuals who feel that they are being marginalised by society despite their best efforts to secure inclusion.

The narrative focuses on one man’s final attempt to legitimise his humanity through the construction of a personal philosophy of self-imprisonment, metaphysical fantasy and subterfuge. 

Illegally occupying the basement of an attractive high rise apartment block we are introduced to the nocturnal world of the Invisible Man who has barricaded himself into his home or hole in the ground to escape the harrowing psychological effects of marginalisation. Having spent the last ten years divesting him-self of all emotional ties and yearnings our protagonist is suddenly possessed by an extreme psychological compulsion to break from his life of seclusion.

In an attempt to assert his intellectual superiority and his cultural masculinity the Invisible Man emerges from his nocturnal world of obscurity to confront head on the forces that drove him underground and now threatens his invincibility.


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Photography Sarah Nunn

Special Thanks to The Ralph and Fanny Ellison Charitable Trust Foundation


Invisible Man at Decibel Festival 

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